Thursday, May 16, 2013

New (to us) Diapering Supplies!

Check out this awesome lot of cloth diapering supplies I got recently for just $35! (And they delivered!)

The ones I'm most excited about are the 6 colorful ones in the center and 4 white ones to the right.  Those are lightweight waterproof covers with a cloth feel from Thirsties and similar.  They have many plastic snaps for adjusting to all baby sizes.  These retail for around $15-20 each.  They have pockets in the front and back to tuck in ad insert like a triple folded flat or pre-folded Gerber diaper, no Snappi necessary unless the child is smaller and the diaper insert is moving around in there.

There was also 6 small waterproof pants like the Dappi ones we already use.

There are also 6 Baby Duck cloth diapers that have thick, durable homemade liners.  They are for smaller infants and I was told they work great for when you're out and about and can't change the diapers as often.  I will be taking advantage of these for our strolls this summer!

Also included were several, waterproof and not, toddler size cloth diapers and training pants.  A few have liners.  Since they don't have a waterproof cover, you  can see when they're wet, and hopefully not dripping, and are perfect for EC (Montessori Elimnation Communication).  That allows the child to feel and the care giver to see when a child needs to use the potty and help determine their diapering and potty schedule and needs.  It also provides an instantaneous moment for the care giver to communicate with words, noise cues and gestures, what is taking place.

Elimination Communication is not for everyone but if this is something you want to look into later, please let me know and I'd be happy to participate however, this process works best when both the parents and the care giver are doing it at the same time.

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Also, check out this previous post for the basics of cloth diapering and what I've learned along the way.

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