Monday, January 21, 2013

Mini Theme: Peter and The Wolf

Our Music focus this week is 'Peter and the Wolf'!  Here's some great teaching references I found while preparing the curriculum for his week:

Click here for a FREE mp3 of Peter and the Wolf from a remastered 1970's vinyl record.

Click here for Peter and the Wolf Printables and more.

This one can be used to make flannel board pieces, stick puppets or shadow puppets:

This one can be paired with that one for matching the instruments to the characters:

I printed some of these flash card to use with the infants.  I used the animals (cat, wolf, duck, bird...) and instruments (timpani, violin, flute, french horn...) to tie our flash cards into the symphony.  These also make great sight words (back sides) and conversation starters for older children:

Click here for this adorable printable Peter and the Wolf Puppet Theatre for just $5.50!  A great project for older children or for you to make and use along with the music.

Click here to watch a claymation movie for FREE if you have Netflix streaming!  Seems a bit dark and very beautiful.

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  1. That is a lot of money for the printables. :( Very disappointing.