Sunday, January 5, 2014

What's New?

Hooray!  IKEA trip today!  I picked up some more washcloths, because you can never have too many when it comes to cleaning up after toddlers!  I also got a couple more plastic bibs for days when we have more than two kiddos here.  They pair perfectly with my homemade bandana bibs for the ones who are learning to drink from an open cup.

Here's a photo and similar tutorial for our bibs.  We used cheap white utility towels and bandanas from the men's department.  Both came from Walmart:

I also bought the LATT table and chair set for $20.  $20!!  Such a steal!

I have plans to pimp it out like this one.  I especially like how they rigged it with a roll of craft paper underneath!:

But for now I just set it up because I couldn't wait.  It's easy to reassemble so I can take it apart and stain it later.

BONUS: I made this doll bed with the box it came in!

The kids are going to LOVE it!  Click the above photo for the tutorial with measurements.  I love that I can fold it flat when we get bored of it and can put it away for a while.  And if a piece of the bed gets smushed or bent, I can just trace and cut a new piece!


  • Use a box cutter to cut the pieces.  Use a scissors to cut the slots and round the corners.  
  • For pieces you need to make two of, cut one and trace it instead of measuring a new one.  
  • Make two cuts really close to each other to make the slots and tear out the strip.
  • Use a coffe cup or glass to make the rounded corners.  Just trace the edge.

Click on the photo below for a tutorial for making a doll bed linen set from a recycled pillowcase:

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