Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Book Review: The Smiley Book of Colors

I picked up this book at the library for a colors and rainbow unit.  I skimmed it and didn't fully read it until I got home and I just fell in love with the words of this book!  Such a great message about happiness.  I think I'll add it to our Emotions unit too.  We like to read it twice.  Once with the words  (I love that it rhymes) and then again with only the color words.  The smiley faces in the book encourage us to look for smiley when we're out and about.  I'm for sure putting this book on my wish list for our future classroom library!

Here's the Summary from Amazon:

This unique book, which grew out of the popular website Spontaneous Smiley, will appeal to kids and adults. Who can resist the wacky, cute smiley faces to be spied in photos of colorful found objects? Young readers will enjoy learning their colors as they're identifying what the smileys are made from—an electrical outlet, a hubcap, even a piece of toast—and readers of all ages will appreciate the witty rhyming text, and its inspirational message about choosing happiness.

And here's a bit about the author:

RUTH KAISER is a mom, an artist, an actor, and a teacher. Her Internet-based Spontaneous Smiley project is made up of thousands of people photographing and posting smiley faces they find in everyday objects. (This was started long before the recent American Express ad campaign featuring similar images.) In August 2009, Spontaneous Smiley began a partnership with the charity Operation Smile, which funds surgeries for children around the globe with facial deformities. A smiley upload earns a $1 donation to Operation Smile.
Spontaneous Smiley, which has recieved well over 13 million page requests, has been used in high-school art projects in New Jersey and Washington State, and for a Girl Scout troop in California. It has gotten lots of press globally—including China—and it was recently featured on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

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