Saturday, December 1, 2012

Book Review: Green Baby

I love DZ books!  There very visual, simple, informative and have generally a good subject base.

This book falls into those categories.  It's a simple overview on all things baby and how to make Greener choices in all areas of baby's life from bottles to diapers, to cleaning and clothing.

There's simple little charts at the end of each section that show "light green', 'mid green' and 'deep green' that show you how you compare in that area.  Though they're more or a goofy reference that a real indicator of your green level but it is funny to see what they think each level of Green is in that category.

I picked up a few tips including a few homemade recipes that will be handy.

I don't strive to be 100% Green but I do want to make better choices for babies in my care and the environment as well.  This book is more of a browser that a reader.  The fonts are big and inciting and though you may read it from cover to cover, you won't need to purchase it.  Better off getting it from the library since after you read it, there's not enough detail in it to keep a copy handy for reference.

But I did enjoy reading it and found it to be a good simple overview of going Green.  It made the whole process seem doable and easy.  A good read for first time parents or families that are ready to make the jump (slide?) to a Greener lifestyle.

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