Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CVS Photo Card Discounts

Attention families!  Now that you have kids, it's like an unspoken law that you need photo cards for the holiday! Your friends and family want reminders of how cute your kids are and how fast they are growing.

Check out CVS photo for affordable easy to make cards.

To simplify it, I started with the greeting I wanted (Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas...) then the size.  If you want, you can also search by number of photos (Good if you already have a couple photos in mind.  You can easily convert your photos to black and white or antique as needed.

The site is sticky and buggy at times but here are some great online coupons to use.  They both worked for me!

SHOPUS - %25 off your total order

CARDS30 - %30 off your order of photo cards (min 60)

Here's a link to more codes to try on RetailMeNot.

Check to see if your preferred store can print your order the same day.  The one next to my work couldn't do 4x8 same day but the one next to home could.  The site will let you know.  They also sell postage stamps!  Check one more thing off my list this season!

I decided to get 40 printed ones for for family and far away friends and plan on scanning the photo and sending by e-mail to anyone else I want like close friends or cousins.  I also save a little stack to send to people who send us one like some cousins or friends.  Then I don't have to feel like I missed anyone.

Have Fun!

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